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access to tools for the beginning of infinity

*faircompanies creates videos & information to help with human progress using the best tools:

  • conjectures;
  • trial-and-error.

These are the tools to help anyone navigate through what physicist David Deutsch calls “the beginning of infinity“:

“(…) objective knowledge is indeed possible: it comes from within! It begins as conjecture, and is then corrected by repeated cycles of criticism, including comparison with the evidence on our ‘wall’.”

“Optimism is, in the first instance, a way of explaining failure, not prophesying success. It says that there is no fundamental barrier, no law of nature or supernatural decree, preventing progress.”

We talk about simple living, technology, reason, enlightenmentmarkets, philosophy, fairness, well being. We invite you to participate and share formulas to improve the world right now, beyond the noise of demonstrations or the imposition of ideologies.

Personal independence and responsibility

It’s the moment to offer universal access to knowledge and data, so that simple living, better designs, cleaner technologies, and comprehensive philosophies of life can be extended to as many aspects of our personal and professional lives as we want.

An idea that wants to be global, from the local (this time for real)

*faircompanies is a project of Faircompanies Productions, Inc. created and developed by Nicolás Boullosa.

The website is the consequence of notes gathered during travels, valuable lectures, and conversations; as well as the direct contribution of Kirsten Dirksen, co-founder of *faircompanies and its video producer.

ETHAN JAMES GREEN, all rights reserved (Vanity Fair magazine, November 2019 issue); click on image to access the original

To live better with less

*faircompanies explains how to live today with ideas and products that take into account the responsibility of businesses, individuals, and institutions.

Some answers here and now

*faircompanies is a community that answers a global necessity, shared by the people who have collaborated directly in the birth of the site or have served as an inspiration in the process.

We think that respecting the inhabitants of the world is compatible with material wealth and business benefits.

Yes, we can do something

To act in a responsible way can improve our profits and quality of life.

*faircompanies is the place to find answers to all these daily challenges, no matter our background.

About the business

Faircompanies Productions, Inc. is an independent business that wants to maintain autonomy with respect to other businesses or institutional interests. The site is 100% funded by Nicolás Boullosa and Kirsten Dirksen.

Enterprise ID

  • Faircompanies Productions, Inc.
  • Faircompanies Productions, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation (108 West 13th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801, United States of America).

Media relations

  • Nicolás Boullosa (founder): nicolas.boullosa@faircompanies.com
  • Kirsten Dirksen (video, co-founder, director of Faircompanies Productions, Inc.): kirstendirksen@faircompanies.com