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Nicolás Boullosa, May 2019

Writer, journalist (UAB 1999), founder of *faircompanies.

I like reading, writing, photography.

I also enjoy being with my family, running, philosophy, arts, and exploring interesting places (urban, natural, spiritual).

I have focused on the Internet as a tool for human improvement. I write both fiction & non-fiction long stories.

My last two novels appeared simultaneously at the end of August 2019. They both explore the meaning and struggle of being human from two different timeframes, perspectives: the deep past, at the beginning of our species; and the liquid, post-post-modern present:

  • La memoria de los lobos: Con el retroceso del hielo, llegaron los hombres gacela (available on both Kindle and paperback.) Here’s a review of the book at Zenda Libros.
  • Filosofía líquida: Un Leviatán contemporáneo (available on both Kindle and paperback.)

Also in 2019, I wrote a book on the potential of distributed databases for communitarian purposes: Blockchain: ¿Fuego prometeico o aceite de serpiente?

Before, I wrote a trilogy (Trilogía del Largo Ahora), inspired by T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets opening on “time“:

1) Triskelion: historia verdadera de la conquista de la felicidad (past);
2) La rebelión del charna (present);
3) El valle de las adelfas fosforescentes (future).

More about my work: