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Nicolás Boullosa

Writer, journalist (UAB —Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain— 1999), founder of *faircompanies.

Nicolás Boullosa (Barcelona, Spain, 1977), is a journalist, writer, and co-founder of faircompanies.com, a website with videos and information on sustainability and philosophies of life. After graduation, Nicolás worked and volunteered in different fields. With literature, photography, and nature as interests, he attended a program in free-market environmentalism at PERC research institute in Bozeman, Montana.

In Spain, Nicolás specialized in technical journalism as editor in chief of the magazine Digitalware, director of several online publications, and editor for magazines such as PlayBoy. Nicolás thinks the Internet can indeed become a tool for human improvement despite the challenges, and he helps create in-depth, non-partisan quality content to improve public conversation on topics (individual or collective) that threaten or improve well-being. Nicolás has written and translated several books covering topics from the fictionalized contact between Neanderthal and Sapiens groups in prehistoric Europe to the future of blockchain and web3.

As co-founder of *faircompanies, Nicolás’ work has been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, among other media. He lives in California with Kirsten and their three children Inés, Ximena, and Nicolás.

A bit more about me

I like reading, writing, photography.

I also enjoy being with my family, running, philosophy, arts, and exploring interesting places (urban, natural, spiritual).

I have focused on the Internet as a tool for human improvement. I write both fiction & non-fiction long stories.

My last two novels appeared simultaneously at the end of August 2019. They both explore the meaning and struggle of being human from two different timeframes, perspectives: the deep past, at the beginning of our species; and the liquid, post-post-modern present:

  • La memoria de los lobos: Con el retroceso del hielo, llegaron los hombres gacela (available on both Kindle and paperback.) Here’s a review of the book at Zenda Libros.
  • Filosofía líquida: Un Leviatán contemporáneo (available on both Kindle and paperback.)

Also in 2019, I wrote a book on the potential of distributed databases for communitarian purposes: Blockchain: ¿Fuego prometeico o aceite de serpiente?

Before, I wrote a trilogy (Trilogía del Largo Ahora), inspired by T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets opening on “time“:

1) Triskelion: historia verdadera de la conquista de la felicidad (past);
2) La rebelión del charna (present);
3) El valle de las adelfas fosforescentes (future).

More about my work: