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Kirsten Dirksen

During the last years of her TV career, Kirsten filmed, for Discovery, her personal search through Europe for secrets behind the Da Vinci Code; and for MTV, she produced a half-hour movie special and went on the road with bands like Good Charlotte; but it was on her trip to Spain to interview Javier Bardem for the Sundance Channel when she met Nicolás that would prove an end to this chapter.

Soon after, she had moved to Barcelona and the couple launched *faircompanies, a website aligned with their core values of minimalism (both personally and for the planet). They were soon making videos for the newly-launched Youtube, but it would be 5 years before they began to make money from it: after their microapartment, and a tiny house, videos began to go viral, picked up by newspapers/blogs/TV networks around the world. They would go on to break story trends with popular videos on topics like off-grid homesteads, restoration agriculture, vanlife, alternative vehicles, and resurrected ghost towns.

After graduating with a BA in economics from Harvard in 1992, she spent a decade filming pop culture for teen shows at NBC-San Francisco and Oxygen Media (when it was an Oprah startup). Today, she spends most waking moments filming and editing for the Youtube Channel, and raising her three children has blurred into the channel.

A bit more about me

I’m a youtuber.

I like making videos. The other 10% of my time I like spending with my family or trying to learn about philosophy, neuroscience, physics and metaphysics (preferably where they all intersect).

I make videos about simple living, self-sufficiency, small (and tiny) homes, backyard gardens (and livestock), alternative transport, DIY, craftsmanship and philosophies of life.

I studied economics but I didn’t follow the most popular career path. Instead, I returned to San Francisco and became a TV journalist, then I worked for national TV in NYC for a decade.

I’ve spent the last years working on my YouTube channel and *faircompanies, holding a conversation that gets more interesting everyday.