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Our videos, articles, photographs and other material have been mentioned, quoted and embedded in prestigious media across the world, including:

YouTube channel

kirstendirksen” is a comprehensive, inclusive, ever-growing YouTube channel, with an audience that spreads across the world.

Visit Kirsten’s channel (“kirstendirksen”) to get the last stats about subscribers and audience:

  • over 1 million subscribers;
  • over 400 million views;
  • over 90 videos with more than 1 million views.

So thank you all for making those stats possible!

Our website

Our readership, both in English and Spanish, spreads across the world, with a higher penetration in:

  • North America and Latin America (in search for our videos and articles, respectively);
  • Europe (all of Europe for videos in English; and preeminence of Iberian Peninsula for articles);

There’s a growing audience across Asia, Africa & Oceania.

More about the independent, self-funded project *faircompanies.


We hope this information helps as media kit; if you need any particular stats and/or information, contact us.