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A simple meditation to uncomplicate things

A positive meditation for the inexperienced: take five minutes before you actually sit down to meditate and just begin to moderate your breathing. If you have some tension or anxiety don’t be embarrassed to shake it out in whatever manner that may be. 

Drink a glass of water and then sit in your favorite chair, lie on the floor, or prop yourself up in bed. Make sure there are no distractions. it is important to turn your cell phone completely off even you are not expecting calls. why? Because you cannot have the knowledge that you are hooked in at every moment… this is a time to detach. 

Maybe there are some birds chirping outside. perfect! maybe there is the distant rumble of city traffic. That’s great too! begin to notice your surroundings and dont forget to breathe. now close your eyes and just let your mind have whatever thought it has. 

Let the blackness of your eyelids bring whatever shapes and colors may come and don’t judge. If you are able to sustain this mode, after a minute or two you will probably notice that your thoughts are little bizarre and nonsensical, maybe a little outside of normal sequencing. 

You might involuntarily conjure memories that seem non related to your overall thinking. All of this is a good thing; it means you are accessing the tip of your subconscious and beginning to “untangle” mentally. It is a precursor to what happens in dreams. 

After 5-7 minutes most people can easily fall asleep. try not to fall asleep. Just keep the pace as long as you can. And if you do fall asleep, that’s fine. You’ll have a restful nap and wake up feeling energized. 12-20 minutes at the most, then move on with your day.

After a few practices, you can try to insert positive thoughts or images into your sub-conscious during that initial window of letting your thoughts drift. imagine all of the children in the world holding hands, or a zebra galloping happily and undisturbed. The great thing is that these thoughts are unlimited and you can greatly enhance your creativity this way. On the whole, your thinking will become sharper and more geared toward change. do it!

Sincerely, Stephen.