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About the IDAE Institute in Spain

IDAE is a public business entity that promotes- in Spain- energy efficiency, rational use of the energy, diversification of energy sources and the promotion of renewable energies.

The IDAE (Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy), headquartered in Madrid, is a public company of the Ministry of Economy of Spain.

The institute is charged with coordinating and negotiating, jointly with the autonomous regions, the main politics of energy efficiency of Spain:

  • The Action Energy Efficiency and Savings Plan 2008-2012. A strategy that aims to generate “a savings of 87.9 million tons of petroleum (equivalent to 60% of the consumption of primary energy in Spain during 2006)”, which would allow for the reduction of CO2 emissions by 238 million tons. Concentrates its efforts in 7 sectors: industry, transportation, building, public utilities, office and residential equipment, agriculture and energy transformation.
  • The Renewable Energies Plan 2005-2010. 12.1% of primary energy consumption in Spain in 2010 will be supplied by renewable energies, according to forecasts.
  • The institute also coordinates its activity with cooperative energy projects of the European Union and with third parties countries.

The IDAE also offers advice services regarding energy efficiency to Spanish businesses that need it. It arranges, likewise, a line of low interest loans.

Energy efficiency of cars

The institute publishes a fuel efficiency guide for cars sold in Spain.

The IDAE also offers a chart of the most efficient, and least contaminating cars, in Spain.