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And Australia is still trying… CFLs

I am very pleased about how well my new Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) look and work (after being installed).  

However, they were much too hard to find.  I looked high and low for an efficient but powerful CFL and ended up having to buy them nearly an hour out of Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District)/ Downtown.

Additionally, we had too many difficulties installing them…some of the globes did not work, some of the lights did not work, some of the globes had to be giggled around to get the right connection, and, last but not least, it took my sparky (electrician) about twice as long to install them as it would take to install and normal halogen.  Not only because he had never installed one before but because they had difficult connections and were more fiddly.

These CFLs (top of the line and look great) cost twice as much to buy than a normal halogen light and they were hard to find and install, but they look and work great!

Most importantly, they consume about 1/5 the amount of energy that a normal halogen uses.   Additionally, there are not as many insulation gaps as the insulation can nearly touch them since they don’t get as hot as a halogen.  Therefore, we don’t loose (during winter) or gain (during summer) too much heat.