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Breaking the salmon habit

After reading your article “Where have all the fish gone” I decided to follow your “sustainable fish guide” and avoid the larger fish like salmon that are higher on the food chain. But it was with much trepidation when I announced to my husband last week that we were dining on tilapia as in our household Salmon is King! 

My husband who has romanticized his salmon fishing days in the San Francisco Bay has created a ritual around this aquatic vertebrate. It all starts when salmon is in season and usually revolves around a special occasion. Much thought is put into where and when we buy this fish. 

Atlantic is out. King, Coho, and Sockeye are in. Farmed is out. Wild is in. Local, especially bought fresh from the local fishers, is in. My husband is so enthusiastic about the process of buying the creature he usually becomes fast friends with the individual making this important sale. 

It never surprises me if when he returns to the place of sale for the second time he takes a cherished flower sack towel (as a gift) for the vendor. Keep in mind that these vendors become a very important part of the whole ritual and might even be the topic of conversation around our dinner table. 

When the specimen arrives home we are exposed to its beauty before it is prepared for the BBQ. And then the cooking process begins. As my husband emphasizes the salmon goes on the BBQ with only a heavy sprinkling of lemon pepper as wild salmon has plenty of that heart healthy omega-3 oil. 

After cooking skin side down for about 5 minutes and then to the other side for 4-5 minutes we’re ready for the celebratory dinner!!!

I thought it might be difficult to create a ritual around tilapia, but I did notice my husband ate the fish with gusto and even commented afterwards that he might add lemon pepper next time he prepares this meal. 

 This afternoon my husband regretfully announced his friend, Denise, will no longer be in the meat and fish department at our local grocery store due to her allergy to crabs. But I feel a new ritual could be in the making as my husband is off to buy tilapia and “it’s only 2.99 a pound.” 

He may not have broken his salmon habit yet, but could there be a new ritual in the making all in the name of sustainable fish?