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David Brower, one of the founders of modern environmentalism

Driving force of organizations like the Sierra Club Foundation or Friends of the Earth, among others.

The American David R. Brower (1912-2000) is considered one of the founders of modern environmentalism, with the permission of the people who did it “avant la lettre” (as is the case of the American poet Walt Whitman, who dedicated his work to spreading, with elegance and mastery, the natural wealth of his country).

Brower founded and was the first president of the Sierra ClubFriends of the Earth which in several years reached a similar prestige in North America as that of the Sierra Club (or the Smithsonian Institution); Friends of the Earth is currently in more than 63 countries.

Americans committed to the environment and the preservation of natural spaces especially value Brower’s leadership in the creation of natural parks and seashores such as Kings Canyon, the North Cascades, the Redwoods, Great Basin, Alaska, Cape Cod, Fire Island, the Golden Gate and Point Reyes.

Brower was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize (in 1978, 1979 and 1998).
foundation, a position he held from 1952 until 1969; during his mandate, the organization went from 2,000 to 77,000 members. In 1969, he founded

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