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*faircompanies, in the Top 50 environment sites

Before explaining what this “top 50 worldwide” is all about, we’ll fill you in on what we’ve been doing lately.

The core of the faircompanies team (that is to say Kirsten Dirksen, Nicolás Boullosa and Inés Boullosa, the latter still too small to decide on her own if she follows her parents or does something more important) have spent several weeks preparing new material.

We have taken advantage of the months of June, July and part of August to interview people in different places in the U.S. and Canada, that we will be putting online little by little in:

We have received the help of old friends, new friends and relatives in places that we have passed through, that have offered advice and very comfortable temporary workspace to continue updating faircompanies practically daily.

Besides Barcelona, we have been in Boston and other locations in Massachusetts, in various places in California, in Oregon, Washington (Seattle was our headquarters for July) and Vancouver (Canadian British Columbia).

We have tried to travel in the least contaminating way possible, which is to say: we used the least contaminating car available (a borrowed Prius), squeezing in 5 people and a carseat for the trip from Seattle to Northern California.

New to the site

Meanwhile, we are preparing some new technical functions for the site that will be arriving in the coming weeks.

All the improvements are focused on making faircompanies a faster, more useful and easier-to-use service for all of you.

Good press: Top 50 Environment Sites

We can assure you that the faircompanies team is, right now, more conscientious than when the project was just an idea two years ago. The first version of faircompanies was launched in April of 2007, and since then we have preferred to publish content at an easy pace, to put the quality and originality of the content above all else.

We can tell you that we love our work and hope you do too.

We thought that it would be interesting to share with you the good press that faircompanies has received since the end of April 2007. As many of you know, it is difficult to get good independent reviews (without paying anyone nor spending money on publicity).

  • faircompanies was ranked among the top 50 environmental sites in the world, according to the ranking of the World Environmental Organization (Best Environmental Web Sites). faircompanies is number 47 in the list headed by Scorecard, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Environmental News Network y Environmental Defense Fund. On the same list, and not far from faircompanies, you find services like that of the environment of the BBC… we appreciate the mention.
  • To access the ranking of the 100 Top Environment Sites (faircompanies is number 47): http://www.world.org/weo/environment.

How serious is this classification? Well, to us it is comforting that the board of directors of the World Environmental Organization, the group that creates the ranking, has members like Michael Dennis (a director with The Nature Conservancy), Andrew Keeler (a White House advisor with the Clinton administration), and Louis Salguero, from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

We have received other mentions in communications media, websites and blogs, the well-recognized as well as the homegrown, though all very well-done. We are especially pleased to be cited as an independent, quality information source in large scale media (like lime.com), as well as on websites of respected organizations and businesses:

There are others, but we think this is more than sufficient. For the faircompanies team, it is a source of pride to continue working independently.

The faircompanies community seems off to a good start, despite only a few months of life (we launched the first version of www.faircompanies.com last April the 25th, 2007), and we are very pleased by that.