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FTSE4Good, the socially responsible FTSE index

Stock market sustainability index created by the London stock market.

The FTSE4Good Index Series has been designed to measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognised corporate responsibility standards, and to facilitate investment in those companies.

Transparent management and criteria alongside the FTSE brand make FTSE4Good the index of choice for the creation of Socially Responsible Investment products.

The FTSE4Good Index, launched in July of 2001, includes and incorporates businesses quoted world-wide that comply with the preestablished requirements of the stock market index: practices of CSR (corporate social responsibility) in environment, shareholder relations and human rights, based on the principles of responsible investment.

The indices included in FTSE4Good are designed “in response to the growing interest in socially responsible investment around the world,” explains the London stock market entity.

FTSE4Good is revised two times a year (in March and September) to accept new businesses and to exclude the ones that were part of the index and no longer comply with the requirements of sustainability demanded.

It was created with the contribution of UNICEF, the UN fund for children, and uses information provided by EIRIS, the Ethical Investment Research Service (ethics investment investigation service).

EIRIS is an organization founded by charitable and religious organizations to investigate social, ethics and environmental politics of businesses and their progress.

According to a report by the UK Environment Agency, EIRIS is among the 13 agencies with the most severity in evaluation of the environmental criteria of businesses, next to Ethibel and SAM (the latter is the employee by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index-DJSI).

The socially responsible index of the London stock market is composed of the regional indices FTSE4Good Global Index (for businesses of the entire world), the FTSE4Good USES Index for American businesses, the FTSE4Good Europe Index and, finally, the Japanese version, FTSE4Good Japan Index.

  • More information about the ethical stock index FTSE4Good, on the FTSE corporate page.