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Stumbled onto a new website the other day, thanks to David at San Francisco Smart Center, it’s a social media site whose focus is MPG reports of your chosen modes of transportation (well, petrol I’d gather, though I guess you could track miles-per-charge of your EV or what not.)

But I digress. The site is Fuelly. I am going for 42 mpg in my smart car and almost did it last tank, a whopping 41.6! (see my other post on hypermile stuff).

Some background snipped from their about page, the Fuelly site was built by Matt and Paul in a little over two weeks during July 2008. The idea started with building a MPG history calculator app, but making it web-based and multi-user so you could compare cars and drivers across the system. 

To sign up is free, then you can either import data from CSV or track each fill-up from your trip-o-meter or odometer (whatever works) as well there’s a mobile version so you can plug-in numbers right at the pump (though, doing so whilst filling-up is considered a bad idea).

The smart car gets over 60mpg in other countries, granted we don’t have a CDI version here in the states, but most people average in the 40-50mpg range, which beats most hybrids on the roads today.. that’s kinda my point, why get a hybrid just so you can hog the carpool lane and get a whopping 2-4 more MPG? It’s not really worth it, and hence I don’t advocate people get hybrids if they aren’t getting an amazingly good MPG past their all-petrol counterpart..

I’ll probably blog more on that later.