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Green is the new tangerine

Rebecca has inspired me to write about clothing here. Unfortunately for my job I have been researching a lot about eco frendly home products. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say unfortunately, it’s more ironic that I am well prepared Kirsten to blather on and on about green products.

Okay so, there is this cool company with this designer named Rogan. He is from the South and they wrote about him in Vanity Fair in their last green issue (haven’t you guy noticed that every magazine on the planet seems to have an eco-issue this year?). 

Anyway, Rogan collaborates with Bono (when he’s not on american idol) and they have three clothing lines out of NYC. Rogan, Eden and Loomstate. 

The first one is high end designer, the second and third I tend to get mixed up–one is made entirely of organic cotton, the other travels to africa and sets up sustainable manufacturing for locals in depressed areas. The clothes are actually pretty cute looking as well and the PR girls for them are the best!

Also there are alot of clay based paints on the market, but I havn’t used them.

If I get a bunch of eco-products that I don’t use, is that eco friendly?