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Hawaii's future, and why we all should care

Hawaii is one of the most blessed places in the world. Abundant rainfall, perfect temp., ocean resources, mountains, indigenous knowledge and technologies. How is it that we have lost our way and are run like the midwest on energy, and resource policy. 

Being a part of the greater united states has led to some major troubles and blessings for Hawaii. One step at a time, we are working to balance the imbalance created by this unnatural relationship. Once we see Gas go up to six a gallon, we will have to start conserving out resources and implementing common sense practices. 

I hope we can be at the leading edge of the spear and can lead to a more greceful evolution, and can transfer power back to the public interest instead of top heavy coperate dominance. That is what is driving me and my business right now. If we pick up the slack, the reward will come ten fold down the line!!

Peace out!