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Hello world at my fingertips: where are we now?

It is interesting how technology changes at a fast pace, though we are always for the most part, intrigued in trying brand new things on a regular basis, we never seem to tire of new stuff or ideas.

I personally have tried a large variety in business ventures out of the home, from joining up with those rather annoying party sales’ companies, or paying my way for someone to make me some income, to starting from scratch on my own projects; trying to take them somewhere and make an income with them but have always come up short.  

Where is my handy sidekick when I need one?  What did I do wrong I ask myself, is it me, am I the one lacking all that stands between success and myself?  Or have I just fooled myself into believing that anything is possible?

When I am by myself, the kids are fast asleep in bed and my husband is busy working in the field or away curling pro on the winter weekends, my imagination takes me to a place of creative thought and discovery… it is a place where I am freed from the daily stress and worries that heavily weigh me down.

I think about if I keep my fingers busily crafting up new ideas and my mind dreaming up creative ways in building my thoughts into reality, then ‘my world’ is okay and sane.  If I didn’t have this, my brain would go crazy!

So where are we now?  Although technology is forever changing, nothing really has changed as everything seems to repeat a pattern… and once again nothing has worked for me.  I have to ask myself again and again, what went wrong now?  I sadly end up with just a big question mark on my mind.  Obviously, trying to make ends meat doesn’t pan out for some (i.e. ME).  So what do I do?  

Hobbies are great and educational but can be really costly, there has to be $dollars from somewhere to pay for these time passers.  I do truly enjoy my diverse hobbies but feel bad spending my husband’s hard earned $dollars on projects that just seem to fail in returning profit in the end.  The #1 Stress in everyone’s life is about our finances.  I have to believe that the profit earning part, for me, wasn’t meant to be and that it is my duty to trust that we will be okay.

I love my job and being a stay-at-home Mom gives me the greatest joy on Earth in being able to enjoy my children, as they grow and learn everyday.  We live a long enough ways from town to get a minimum wage job, as it isn’t even enough to pay the fuel bill back and forth.  My husband works hard at being a full time Farmer.  I truly believe that Farming is the most honest, dedicated and hard working job in the world.  Respect the Farmer.  Why you ask?  Simply look at what they do.  

They feed the world.  No matter if you are Vegetarian or Non, Farmers feed and clothe the world.  Their hours are around the clock, all year round… their love and dedication for their job is endless.  They put in a full year’s work, while trying to pay their huge fuel and equipment failure bills and so much more; feeding their livestock, harvesting their diversified crops, hauling their year’s worth of hardship to hopefully pay off more than just their bills, and end up with extra $dollars in the end.  They continue to work even when the Government fails to help them in their efforts, and they persevere when the weather devastates their every drop of blood, sweat and tears put into their work.  How can anyone possibly not respect Farmers and what they do?  

How can the Government not have a continuous $dollar feed into the Farmer’s hard earned life-saving hardship?  I see what they go through every year, and even when the bills are due, the Harvest is in and the income return is low, the Farmers will tell me “well, better luck next year”.  Incredible.  

We have come to learn that even though we may not make enough $dollars to take a trip or build a non-drafty and rodent-free house to live in, and are sky-high in loans; we know that we will be okay.  Yes, I do believe that anything is possible, and in life you just have to believe.

Money is not everything, but if we all learned where the hard earned $dollars go, versus where they should go, then this world at my fingertips, would be a most understood place to live, and we would not only have Peace of mind, but also Peace on Earth as it should be.  

The Leaders of the world are corrupted by that Green Cash; hence causing all of this destruction in our lives and causing the loss of lives. So as everything in the world affects us all somehow, we do need to pay attention to our present while remembering the past… or we are bound to repeat it again and again.  My question to you is this…

What are you going to do about it?  Where are we now?