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So I am a member now. A part of this community. As I am going to find out what this community is about, I will also tell my own story. 

I am part of the Insight Collective. Actually I started it in fysical form, but off course it existed all along and it exists everywhere. My personal belief is that All is One. No matter what religion or faith, there is no possibility other than that All is One. The evidence for that is that if you give things enough time they will all return to the same state. We could argue over this, and lets please do so, I like to expand my mind. 

If All is One, then One is also All, and then the Many could act as One. One does not have to know All. All can just know One thing. United they would Be One and All. 

Yes thats sounds like philosofical mumbo jumbo, and well, it actually is. 

Thoughts like these made me initiate the collective, and at this time the collective is more important then the thought. 

We are a growing group of individuals putting together and making available information on globalisation issues such as the climate, trade, natural resources etc. Right now we are beginning a project for schools, 2 schools will host the ‘pilot’ of the project.. This week a welfare organisation (in think thats what you call it in english) dedicated to bringing it into the schools in their district. Let’s proove we can make boring stuff interesting! 

I will be searching for more materials to use in class now. SInce the collective has no money, yet. We will have to try to get them for free via sponsorship or something. For example there is a little car that rides on hydrogen wich you make yourself. Check it out: www.geosenergie.nl/easyshopmaker/p_h-racer.htm or better, in english: www.discoverthis.com/h-racer.html . We want to use these things to show the possibilities to people. Especcially in school it should make a nice entrance. 

I think I better unwind some more on the collective under projects, We could use help in all kinds of ways, like making filmclips or animations, researching or newsgathering. so check it out soon there. 

That’s more then enough for now, its late here.