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I just want to say "take that, capitalism"

I finally got the person who had reserved “biodieselhauling.com” to release it from it’s parked status.

It should be a few hours to process, but soon biodieselhauling.com will redirect to my website.

Most people assume all websites to be .com, so this means a lot of confused customers will be able to find me a lot easier.

The person who owned it until today, a college student in Oregon, he had a similar business idea to mine, and a few months before I first set up my website he reserved the name.

I contacted him and offered to buy it almost two years ago, but he said he intended to use it in the next few weeks.

However, he never ended up using the site. I checked in recently, and found it was still idle.

I contacted him again, and offered to buy it and let him pick a price. He refused payment, and transferred the domain to me the next day. I wrote again, explaining that I am using the site for commercial reasons, and offered to pay, at the very least, whatever he paid for the domain in the first place. Again, he declined.

Without a Paypal address or mailing address (the DNS had the school’s address), there isn’t much I can do.

He said he agrees with what I’m doing, and to re-invest what ever I would have paid him.

The GoDaddy website (who the domain is registered with) specifically encourages people to register domains for the sole reason of reselling them at a profit to someone who will actually use them. Plenty of people do just that, essentially web domain speculating – and making money while providing literally nothing of value to society.

This person did just the opposite – paid for a site, and then gave it away.

Take that, capitalism.

I am not the only anti-capitalist still out there.

There is morality, generosity, left in this country.

To the guy in question (perhaps he doesn’t want his name public, but he knows who he is) you have all of my respect and gratitude.