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I want to make my own biodiesel

Hello, a new year, new ideas. Best wishes everyone.

I take my used frying oil to the town collecting point and then i cross the road to tank gas.

Now i understand i could make my own fuel at home, and save myself the whole trip.

So i want to make my own homebrew diesel from my oil waste. Forget the middleman.

But apparently here in Europe we are not so ready for the hometechnologies. We seem to like dependence.

I know these machines are on the US market for a fair price and i wonder if anyone knows more about them in europe. There are some systems on market here but very few users. This one i found in the UK.

Who can tell me more?

A little update on the collective.

A lot has happend last year.

I have been very busy formulating the exact mission, building a network, putting ideas on paper and making them reality.

The website is online. (unfortunatly only available in Dutch).
Plans for the second project after the infoshops; online news paper Het Goede Nieuws (The Good News) are getting serious and i am meeting some interesting partners.

That particular webiste will come online in the next few months and will from then on steadily develop itsself.

The infoshop that was before mostly about climate change is now being adapted to behold more globalisation matters and sustainability issues.
On recent internet safaris i found some very nice inspiring sites. Ted features all kinds of people with breight ideas in very clear and understandable pesentations and such.

My favorite right now is mister Hans Rosling, who built the software for this site. Tomorrow i will attend a conference in Tilburg the Netherlands where amongst others Susan George and Lou Keunen will appear. It is all about growth toward a sustainable and fair world. Sounds very good and i am looking forward to it.

Going green is not the right thing to do.