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Introducing EarthLab and its carbon footprint calculator

I am writing to introduce you to EarthLab and to offer our carbon footprint calculator for use on your website (at no charge).

EarthLab first came to prominence during the Live Earth concerts on July, 2007. Earthlab offers individuals around the world a web-based carbon calculator that helps them learn about their environmental footprint.

Our tool allows individuals to save their results upon completion, then come back, make pledges, and track their reductions over time. Educating individuals about the simple, easy steps that they can take to reduce their carbon footprints has resonated so well that we have become the most widely used carbon calculator in the world – 1.7 million people have taken the test since July, 2007.

To see our Live Earth Calculator: www.earthlab.com/liveearth

Earthlab in 2008

As we start the New Year and prepare for the lead-up to Earth Day, we continue to align the Foundation and our online community exclusively with top tier earth friendly partners.

We are endorsed by Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection; Live Earth/SOS; Leo DiCaprio’s “11th Hour” film; and partners that include Disney, Hearst, Dell, world-renowned chef Mario Batali, eSurance and the 2007 Primetime Emmy’s on Fox TV.

This is a nonprofit effort to leverage our experience in building large scale (10M – 30M) internet communities to make a positive, long-term contribution to solving the world’s environmental challenges through education, community, collaboration and localized analysis. EarthLab is a 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.

Do you want to link your website/blog to Earthlab’s Carbon Calculator?

To provide a link on your website to our carbon footprint calculator, click on here. Select which icon you want and then click the download link and it should save to your computer. After it is saved, you can re-size it to your own specifications and place it on your website.

We appreciate your consideration.