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It's about time

One more day before takeoff. I met with my fellow protesters Tuesday night. Now I know a lot more of what to expect, how things go in a blockade, an that I will be sharing the campsite with up to 10.000 other people. For the protests about 100.000 people are expected to turn up. 

My own feelings are difficult to describe. I am a bit nervous. After all I am no fan of armoured police and teargas. Although that’s not why I am going there, I am bound to run into it.

Also I feel as if I am part of something to big to comprehend. My hopeful mind state is giving me signals and is sensing a vibe. The joining of the workers unions, a new political wing in germany (Die linke) that joins the protests, the awareness among my fellow citizens around me. 

I don’t think it will very be long before the worlds’ capitalistic system’s icons will be on loose ground. Their foundation is rotting away in full sight. They have always operated under cover, no one understood what they did. But now more and more people know, and more and more people realize that the world is being turned into a moneymaking machine over our dead bodies. 

There is a video called ‘Pumping Poverty’ by Friends of the Earth. You can watch this and other really educational video’s at www.ifiwatchnet.org It gives clear explanations of the problems the world faces because of the G8 and the multinational companies it supports.

At www.g8-alternative-summit.org you can check out what we will be talking about as alternatives for the current state of globalisation. 

I am going to Rostock not just for myself, but for about 6 billion others.

All is One.