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Live from Rostock, day 3

More important is what is happening oputside rightnow excusr ther spelling this keyboard is really bad.

I just came from a migration demo. I am schocked. I dont want to lose my positive attitude. but this is truly unbelievable. please read this and tell your friends. The people are not alowed their free speech and right too demonstrate. 

The numbers of police are schocking, really outside the centre here there are about 30 police vans with police n battle gear. Just about every street is like that. except for parkstrasse I have never seen anything like it. 

The demo was planned and allowed, but the turnup is so big that police do not want to let it take place. they have blocked all roads from where the people are gathered hundreds and hundreds of police are around them. I managed to squeeze out because I believe it is important to cover this fast.. ‘i am sorry to have to raport about this again. But saturday is nothing compared to this I am afraid.

Just before leaving, and the reason that I did, I saw lots of people in black starting the march, right into police barrier, behind them more police surrounded them. It is clear that police are first targeting them. I have to say more about this ‘black block’ before I go on.

Although their are the provocaters among them, in this case, it is clear that they want to clear the way and make the demo possible. They did not start violence before I left. The behavior of police is much worse.

The Rostock citizens are watching from close up on the corners of streets and with binoculars Tv cameras are there. I hope they will tell the whole story.

I left my friends close to the demo. They are experienced in this. I am not. My guts told me to get out. and I trust they know what they are doing. On the way back I saw people in black being stop for identificatiopn. blocks away from the trouble. I wlkes behind this group at first, but thought to be wise and obviosly I was. I would have been stopped and possibly detained myself.

The demo is passing this window right now. the amount of police is very very sick. about a hundred police vans have allready passed and hundred of fullly geared up police men and women. I hope uptil now I have been overexagerating about the troulbe, but my most important point is the attitude of the police. I believe they are causing the trouble now.

The demo is about to reach the endpoint.. I will go check it out and hope to have good news later. 

I hope I have been to hasty in my conlcusions, but I am posting this. The feeling the authorities are creating is that we are criminals