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Making up your own mind

I try to be independent and open minded in what i do, but more and more i am experiencing the position I’ve put myself in. Its not always easy. I first realised this in Rostock, where I tried not to be associated too much with the International Socialists I was travelling with. Not because I can’t support their cause, but because it is only one point of view, and it is only one strategy. 

The business of globalisation is such a complicated one that everyone has different views and ideas about it. Hooking up with one organisation usually means that half your values and ideas have to be in line with theirs. The so called consent among people in every day living is purely based on the ‘want to know bases’ theory. By taking an easy position in public opinion and in debating people can keep issues at a distance, and not let them interfere with their own life or be persuaded into philosophy. 

But what about this: Globalisation is a process based on the people and their individual choices. These individual choices have led the situation to turn out as it is; globalisation at this moment means the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and that we are speeding through are resources at a ridiculous pace. 

One could state that choices these days are often far from individual, that we are living in a predetermined world where choices are reduced to the options the system gives us. 

One could be right about that. 

But if so, how did this happen? Didn’t we have a choice in this somewhere along the way? 

I think we did, but how does one recognize such a choice? 

We have a clear choice where to buy our food and we make that choice just about every day. 

But do we know what that choice means? To buy your vegetables in the supermarket is often the easiest thing to do. There is a reason for the name ‘convenience store’. 

Convenience is most people’s reason to buy there, but the choice is not between convenience or inconvenience, it is between safety and health or sniping danger and destruction. 

It is quite easy to make the wrong choice if you don’t get to see the real matters the choice is about. 

I think this is a pretty good explanation on how globalisation turned out to be what it is today. 

And why we keep it going. 

All this doesn’t make my position, or that of anyone who wants to be independent, any easier. But it makes it clear for me why I am in it. 

To ask questions means to be vulnerable to others people’s interpretation of things. I think no answer is ever totally objective. 

So, you have to make up your own mind about everything you let in to your world. 

Check out what I have let into my world recently. It’s a movie that I find a bit hard to describe. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories or of putting people down because of their beliefs. But I do see things in this world that support the case this film is making. 

I know religion is responsible for and covers up great injustices. 

I know war is the most profitable business in the world. 

And I know the US government isn’t run by its president. 

I don’t believe these things, i KNOW. 

This knowledge is based on what I have seen from the european side of the world. And apparently, although they put it in a different format, these people see more or less the same thing from inside the US. They present it in quite an American way, which wouldn’t be our style, but the core of it doesn’t differ that much from our concerns. 

Where the goal of the Insight Collective is to spread knowledge by giving people the chance to see something in globalisation that directly effects them, and explaining the rest of it along the way, the goal of these people is to shock you into revolution. 

I think they did a pretty good job. Watch it here www.zeitgeistmovie.com online or download from www.vuze.com 

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