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My new video, and all of my other projects

Remember the scene in The Jerk where Navin (Steve Martin) gets really excited because the new phonebooks has arrived?

Well, the new phonebooks are here.

The mini-documentary on my life that was filmed by Faircompanies.com several years ago now has a sequel.

In this one I talk about my truck mods and driving style that lets me
get almost double the mileage my truck initially got, saving me a couple
grand in fuel charges each year.

My last video with them is up to almost a quarter million views, but the
company has gotten a lot more subscribers since then, so there is
potential for this one to be even more popular.

The video is here.

That 14 minutes is cut from a larger trip.  After Urban Ore and the Bio-Fuel Oasis,
I next went to the computer and electronics recycling center, then the
Berkley Recycling Center, and finally the Berkeley Transfer Station
which recycles refrigerators.

I try to avoid making a trip just for one stop.

who shot and edited the video, said she may end up making another one
with some of the rest of the footage.  I talked a lot about saving money
and the freedom and time it buys you, how not buying into consumerism
is good for both the environment and your own finances, and other random
things on various topics.  Like last time, I didn’t prepare a script, I
just sort of free-styled messages I’d like to share with the world.

So, anyway, this is just the latest in a series of eco themed internet media I have been a part of.

It is all spread out in various random places, and in many of them I used different pseudonyms. 

Here are some others:

Global Warming vs. Fascism; or, why NASA wouldn’t have stopped Apophis

was the blog post that originally caught the attention of Kirsten of
Faircompanies, which led to her asking me to blog for their site, and
eventually to the video interviews.  Out of 6 years of blogging, its one
of my favorites still.  I will eventually get around to moving it to
this blogger server, and updating it (I have had the opportunity to have
an in person discussion with several actual climate scientists since

My green/environmental blog, on Faircompanies.com:


The original 3-part interviews with faircompanies:




Step-by-step instructions on how I did the truck mods:


(this one won runner-up in the website’s energy efficiency contest)

DIY small-scale independent (non-grid-istertie) solar system:


Saving energy without spending money upfront:


Rain-water fed self-watering garden box:


bicycle is the most energy efficient mode of transport ever invented. 
But producing one takes resources.  Buying one used is both cheaper and
more eco-friendly.  But if you aren’t already knowledgeable about bikes,
how do you pick the right one?  Read my guide, thats how!


This is where the ideas for all of my truck mods came from:


isn’t my project, but I am a member.  I haven’t been active for about a
year, but I do have a lot of old posts there.  I highly recommend it
for anyone who owns a car. 

This isn’t my project either, its
another forum I am a (currently active) member of, and I highly
recommend it to anyone who ever earns or spends money on anything, ever:


is basically about how any middle class American can become financially
independent simply by opting out of the consumer culture and making
some small lifestyle changes – and investing all the leftover cash that
results.  A significant side-effect is having a much smaller negative
impact on the world.

I realized my various internet persona were diluting my potential to
be a simple/green living spokesman when a couple people on the MMM (Mr
Money Mustache) forums mentioned they had read my 12v solar project on
Instructables, but hadn’t realized it was the same person. 

I am
Jacob Aziza on Instructables, David Craig Hiser in the comments of
YouTube, Bakari on MMM (and ERE) – as well as in real life. 
Occasionally stuff I’ve written online is credited to Lenard Simp or
Robert Paulson as well.  All me

Maybe its getting time to start branding myself with my real name consistently 😛

Because, its only with an audience that my message can have any impact…