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Natural light is the best light

Light is everything, literally. Even our bodies are engineered to sleep in cadence with light phases. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone which is triggered by information received through the retina predicting diminishing light. It is good for the body to adapt to natural light; it gives a person focus and a greater sense of time and reality.

If you are someone who likes to have lights on in your home by six o’clock, try this regiment for a week: wait till the natural light coming through the windows reaches a point where it is not practical to walk around…wait even a little longer, and you may notice that your eyes get a little heavy, like you are ready for a peaceful nap. 

This is a good time to switch on a single lamp in one or two rooms and play some relaxing music in order to make the transition from day to evening. Its the perfect time for a hot shower or bath. I think most people will find that they feel rejuvenated in a way that feels focused yet relaxed. 

There are hours to go before you either go out with friends, accomplish some work for the next day, or fall asleep. To me this is the most soothing time of day–the hours between 6-11–depending of course on the solstice and geography. 

The other aspect is of course energy conservation. A light left on in the house when your are away is a small waste, but a waste nonetheless. Really, it is more about adhering to an attitude about putting things where they belong, leaving things well, and respecting a resource that is taken for granted. 

The truth is that if everyone turned off lights, the sum of energy saved would be tremendous and it would make an incredible impact on the stress factor in our lives. Want a more peaceful life? respect the light!

Think it over…