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Not quite there but trying…

I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world but in Australia the green movement is finally picking up (I know that it has been going for awhile in the EU) -be it a six year drought, the fact that Australian’s pollute more per capita then anywhere else in the world (mostly because of their dirty coal), or a raising sea level would affect something like 80 percent of the population as all major cities are on the water.

So the idea is there.  Everyone is talking about lessening their carbon footprint and greening their home but they ideas are still basic.  Unfortunately, it still be challenging to live (or build) green.  For example, even though John Howard (Prime Minister of Australia) has planned to phase out incandescent light bulbs for florescent ones by 2012, I have been unable to find attractive, powerful florescent downlights.

“We are waiting until they come down in price” or ” We are waiting until they improve in quality” was what I was told at each shop.  Most shops options in floro’s were limited or they were trying to move these very attractive but weak 9 or 11 watt Cosmoluce Megaman downlights. Frankly, they sucked.

Therefore, I had finally resigned to having lots of pendant lights (better in upper floors as they don’t break the insulation layer in the ceiling) and having several (alright, quite a few) halogen downlights on the ground floor (where I don’t have to worry about breaking the layer of insulation).  However, I am pleased to say that on one last desperate effort before ordering all my lights I found the light.  

A 15 watt, attractive, efficient, and functional florescent downlight.  It is still quite strong, equivalent of 75 watt incadescent, but efficient (uses 15 watts to a compartive 75 incandescent or 57 watt halogen light).  Jackpot!!!  It made me smile for the rest of the day. 

Just shows that with a little extra effort we can all make a small difference.  Hopefully, all those small actions add up to a major movement.

I will know try to share this discovery with everyone I know.

One step at a time and we will get there.