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Nothing else but happiness on my list

After my friend Kirsten posted our video discussion on making a happiness list, I decided it was time to post about what my list consists of (It’s also a response to her list). Here are a few
little tricks that I use to make me feel better on a rough day:

  • Taking a hot shower.The water running over my body refreshes me, not only physically but also mentally. It feels as if my miserable feelings are taken away by the water
    and as if I can make a new start (to a small extent of course).
  • Children.Their open and honest way of showing how they feel and what
    they think. A videocall or an afternoon together with my 3-year-old friend Jura
    can really make my day. Talking about the lives of our teddy bears (and showing
    them to each other) makes me forget my sorrows in my adult life. Her joy is
  • Evening chat walks.I love my city walks with close friends during the evenings.
    When I was studying in Leuven (Belgium), I almost did
    this every day. The city seems more at peace in the evening which creates a
    nice atmosphere for relaxing conversations about whatever topic. A great way to
    end your day!
  • Quality time with friends. When with my best friends, I fully enjoy the simple
  • Fresh flowers. The thing I have with flowers is that their beauty surprises
    me every time. As long as I can make myself feel better simply by looking at
    flowers, I feel confident that I will not get completely depressed one day. 
  • Reading. I
    love to lose myself in a book. I have a few ones I can read over and over again at moments
    I can not concentrate on a new book. Simple stories that make me dream.
  • Watching people passing by in the streets. It always makes me smile.
  • Writing. I enjoy playing with words. Finding that word that perfectly
    expresses what I want to say. I love to create a text that is well written.
  • Doing sports.While running I get into a certain flow, a void, it is a
    great feeling of freedom. The satisfaction after working out is another thing
    which makes me feel good.
  • The sun. Unfortunately I can not influence its presence, but whenever
    the sun is shining, it works for me to go out and enjoy it. Sunlight is a good
    source of positive energy.
  • Calling a friend and asking about his/her day. I enjoy listening to others’ adventures. We mostly end up
  • Playing my guitar. Actually only strumming the strings already works. It makes
    me feel calm and relaxed.
  • Having interesting discussions/conversations; whether they tend to be a bit philosophical or whether they
    are just humorous crap talk. 
  • Chocolate.