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Prevention of the global economy collapse

Our history has grown on continuous wars and battles. Leaders never lies to their nations and Elite has never existed.  Perhaps, thats why they have a strange view on human procreation: “Error – access denied”. 

Diomede Falconio, Official Representative of the Roman Catholic Pope: “Human society has its origin from God and is constituted of two classes of people, the rich and the poor, which respectively represent Capital and Labor. Hence it follows that according to the ordinance of God, human society is composed of superiors and subjects, masters, and servants, learned and unlettered, rich and poor, nobles and plebians”. 

RGE – Nouriel Roubini’s Global EconoMonitor, Written by Guest: “Karl Marx must be laughing in his grave: We have come to the place here in the home of SuperCapitalism wherein it is the official goernment policy that the banking system (both visible and shadow) is not here to serve the needs of society (through money exhange, credit allocation, stock underwriting, etc) but rather society must serve the needs of the banking system (by using tax dollars for bank bailouts,
guarantees, cheap loans, etc) – or else”. 

We have already seen our future in popular SF movies, for example that one from the movie Star Wars. Even in front of the computer screen, the war games are prevailing. The most popular toys for kids are guns. 

The real tragedy is that even in Star Trek, where we are finally society without currency and money, the only way out we have been capable to found was again the same, the constant war.

The purpose is obvious, or not? 

Our society is built on lies. Our history and community fundaments are fraudolent. From A to Z, there is no one single letter which is not a lie. 

Everybody knows that, and everybody accepts the falsity as an absolute truth. Why? The truth is so evil and barbarous? Nothing in this world is so perfect as the systems to whom we are slaving. We’ve enslaved ourselves with our own system and corrupted education. 

So, if change is inevitable why are people scared? Really, why are people so scared of it? The reason lies in the fact that now, scare is already genetically implanted in the nature of man. No, we are not talking about that hysterical and panic scare from horror movies. We are talking about the little and silent fear of changes:

We will not be driven by the fools into the our worst nightmare: Worst living conditions. That’s the one, the subconscious fear because of whom, we are all living inside our hope that exactly and only with this, our present way of living, one day, everything’s going to be better.

If you never had any doubt about the existence of God, yes, the one from the Federal Reserve Note in which we trust, than everything is just fine and everything is going well. As we are constantly informated about the other world in which people are still living in some of the worst imaginable conditions, it means that we have a good living conditions.

As a society we always have more debt than money. By the very nature of money, there isn’t enough money in circulation to cover the debt that created it. What cannot be paid back will be defaulted on. If you did not know it before, you do now.
The debt margins are here, our world has hit the bottom and we’re starting to see it already.

So what does the truth like? The political and monetary system is nothing else than a simply mathematical equation.
The one who created it and transformed into law, knowed it from the first moment: = equal is not an unknown x.
From the first moment he saw it, he knew that the equal = paradise and hell.

You, my dear American friend, you are going to be the biggest loser in the whole game. The other brothers, from the rest of the countries of the Western World, are just a step behind you. Or forward?

Where have all the revolutions children’s gone? They have been eaten by the same movements. Is there any revolution that changed a monetary system?

Educate and inform yourself my friend, with the real knowledge and the real informations. Maybe the first, and the easier way is an Italian comic book created by Max Bunker, Alan Ford. You can visit us after that. Crom Time Bank belongs to all the people of the world.

Exactly how it seems and how the things are going in your neighbourhoud, the world population will be soon transformed into the masses of genetically, mentally and electronically controlled objects. This is not a conspiracy, this is just a simple, mathematically proved fact. 

When the useful players are not so useful anymore, System eliminate them even if they are the big ones, without any remorse. In the whole that game, you are just a food. What is the purpose of the food? To be eaten. Without food the system dies, just as without gasoline, the car does not run anymore and the plane crashes into the ground. Geniality is in simplicity.

There is no way to solution in the United Nation’s, and you want find it neither in the International Monetary Fund or in The World Bank. They were able only to give us a war criminal for the President of the most powerful (and the most indebted) nation, and the member of the Hitlerjugend for The Holly Father.

Crom Time Bank is a revolutionary solution which offers a radical change without blood and bullets. That’s exactly the reason why you want find us in DMOZ, or on CNN International.

Reported by Richard Daughty – Mogambo Guru: In fact, it is said that purchases of Fannie/Freddie debt by foreigners covered a third of the U.S. current account deficit of $700 billion over the last year! And anyway, this $9.5 trillion dollar national debt is pretty much chickenfeed when looking at bigger intractable problems, as we gather from a speech given by Richard Fisher, the head of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, who said, “Add together the unfunded liabilities from Medicare and Social Security, and it comes to $99.2 trillion over the infinite horizon.” And then you realize that total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the USA is only about $13 trillion, and suddenly this seems like a lot more than is even comprehensible! Your brain whirls! Income that is 0.013% the size of liabilities!

Reported by Jim Sinclair: The notional value of all outstanding derivatives now totals approximately $1.144 quadrillion. This means that no OTC derivative house can be allowed to go broke. This means that whatever funds are required to rescue failing international investment banks, banks and financial entities will be provided. Keep this economic law in mind. Monetary inflation proceeds price inflation and is its primary cause in economic history from Rome to present.