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Schools out… But not yet!

So, i was out of it for a while enjoying some personal relaxation after my german adventure. But not much time to chill, in two days i will be in front of a few classrooms, teaching about the climate. We got two lessons per class!

I owe a big thanks for this to Frank, one of my very best friends, with whom i will be teaching together. He arranged most of the practical stuff, i developed the learning materials and did the research. Another big thanks is for dutch environmental organisation Stichting Natuur en Mileu Who provides their very nice ‘climate guide’ for very little money. Even a villagecounseler is contributing, by giving all of the students an energysaving lightbulb and offering Al Gore’s dvd to the school. Talk about collective…..

Also, summer’s here, but its not very sunny yet. I don’t think the amount of rain falling is normal, but it has by long made up for the drought in april i think. Actually, that was more like summer then how it is now.

I’m keeping it short tonight, the schoolstuff is finally all finished and we are ready to go. But first, ready to sleep!

Greetings, Tycho