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Some thoughts on plastic bags

After arriving at our local grocery store without my own bag yesterday, I went directly to the recycling bin where I can usually find decent, often fresh, new bags that are discarded by the check-out clerk when they become stuck together. 

Last night my heart started beating fast when I saw a stack in the bin (111 by my husband’s count). I took them out of the container wondering who might use these plastic receptacles before they are reprocessed. Many times I take them back to the check out counter and surreptitiously loop them over the rack with the other fresh ones, but this time I decided to speak with the manager after checking the fluidity with which one could release each one and they were definitely not stuck.

The young man in charge was eager to help until he saw me with a cart of plastic bags all titled “Ray’s Food Place” (the name of the supermarket) and I mentioned my concern about so many of these being thrown into recycling. He proceeded to pull 3-4 bags loose from the stack and questioned in a nervous voice, “Do you want me to throw them away?”

At this time I tried to bring this young man on board as to the waste even though they were going into the recycling bin, but I could see he was confused. Once more, but more abruptly, he said “I’ll just throw them in the trash the next time.”  I guess I need a new approach next time! Any  ideas?