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Sustainable society development

Why can we only use money, and not own it?

Despite the fact that money is a basis on which birth, development and survival of all social activities depends on, there is not one institution in existence as vague and untouchable as the monetary one. Questions, who makes money, on what basis is money created, what is public debt and who is the creditor of that debt are still to this day an always ignored taboo topic.

Crom Alternative Exchange Association is an association founded in order to enable, for those who are interested, the exchange of intellectual, material and other goods outside the closed framework of the privatized global financial system in which conventional currencies backed by nothing circulate, each and every single one created as a debt towards banks, debt which is even theoretically impossible to repay because only the principal is issued into the circulation, and not the interest as well, which allows the payoff of old debts by, and only by means of new indebtedness.

On the current crisis

The development of science and technology has opened the possibility of the realization of greatest dream of the entire mankind, today, we are able to fulfill the needs of all people in the world and leave the largest and hardest part of work to machines and robots that we have produced exactly for this purpose, to produce instead of us, but however, instead we have caught ourselves in a global financial crisis of unprecedented catastrophic potential whose causes are of systemic nature.

For a historic step of the human civilization, we lack money even though it has never existed in so large quantities in the world as today. Ownership of the financial system is essential to any type of community for achieving any kind of a lasting prosperity because the monetary system affects our everyday lives more than the executive, judicial, and legislative decisions altogether, the fundamental source of power lies in making money and not the laws.

Given that all our troubles today are directly related to the monetary system, using an alternative currency, we can solve a whole series of problems that we face, build bridges between individuals, businesses, communities, cities, states and their unfulfilled needs and objectives.

Cooperation and well being

We want to create a community where people will, instead of competing against one another, begin cooperating and working for each other, for the well-being of all.

We have already today started working on a better tomorrow in an effort to change that which has never worked well, which has ruined, enslaved and exploited billions of people, and which devastates most human beings still to this day.

“A bridge must, first of all, be able to carry its own weight, and only then can it carry additional burden as well, in the same sense a worker cannot pay taxes and levies before he has ensured his own survival.”

This organization has, within its operation of activities, launched an experimental monetary system in which an alternative currency circulates on whose basis the aforementioned exchanges have been enabled, and among other things with the intention of allocating the required invested labor for the survival and development of some community, as well as the enjoyment of its fruit of labor by as many of its members in order to decentralize wealth and simultaneously shorten working hours.

However, the actual implementation of these exchanges seeks amassment of people in order to be able to come to life in the above mentioned manner.

Accordingly, we are publishing an invitation

We are calling on interested professionals in economics, law, marketing, IT and computer science, agriculture, sociology and other social sciences, citizens and companies to join our association and by their active membership in the Association and their ideas and/or services enrich and improve the basic idea of the alternative exchange up until concretization of its implementation, so that the existing and new values of the amount of the actual invested physical, spiritual, intellectual and past work could be balanced by the econometric symbol Crom as the universal mean of such an exchange.

Since the Association was founded on the idea of sustainability, we are open to all project ideas which would enable the sustainability of the organization on the field of the current national official currencies as well.

Those who are interested may contact us via e-mail with their basic personal information and profession.

Crom Alternative Exchange Association, May 12, 2010

Website: http://cromland.cromalternativemoney.org

Contact: association@cromalternativemoney.org

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