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The origins of One Laptop per Child (OLPC)

Organization promoting the 100 laptop.

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) is an American NGO spearheading the project of the Children’ s Machine,
a low-price laptop computer, with a Linux operating system and
rechargeable batteries not reliant on an energy source (so energy
efficient they can be recharged manually), destined to make even the
poorest children computer, and Internet, literate.

The project, proposed by the founder and president of Media Lab (the
most prestigious department at MIT) Nicholas Negroponte, relies on several
industrial sponsors to finance the project through OLPC: Google,
Network Hat, AMD, Brightstar, News Corporation and Nortel Networks. The
Media Lab also participates in the project through its work in the
conception of the device.

The computer is called XO-1, its operating
system is the linux distro Sugar; a keyboard adapted to each country;
125 MB read-only memory and a memory flash card instead of a hard disk,
with 512 MB of capacity.

It includes wireless connectivity that will allow several
computers to share one Internet connection and three USB ports to
connect other devices. 

OLPC has assured that the batteries don’t
contain toxic heavy metals and that they will be able to be charged
with alternatives energy sources (including a wind-up manual option).

Several countries have been purchasing the computer for their schools, and the program G1G1 (Give One Get One) has allowed people in North America -later on in Europe also- to purchase 2 computers, one of them to be sent to a poor country, and the other for the customer.

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