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The polizei doesn't get it, the Germans do

At the summit from the base in Amsterdam i met  a lot of interesting people. I missed most of the planned workshops, debates and movies but that was ok. I have made some valuable connections for the work of the collective.

One of the most interesting where the ‘Kaospilots’  We might end up working together in some projects after their school in Rottedam the Netherlands opens.

Furthermore i got inside information on Geneticaly modified food from Aseed europe, (who also told me there is a field of GM corn not far from where i live, thats very nice to know) identificationrules and laws, trade, and much more.

I also signed up for the bus to Rostock/Heiligendamm with the International Socialists. They seem to be a bit more about protesting then me, but they have have good ideas and are nice company as far i could judge last Sunday. 

The trip has some tricky things in it. For instance i only have a identification card instead of a passport. Everyone in Europe lives under the Schengentreaty, wich ensures that we are free to travel between the european coutries. For this occasion the German police decided to temporarily ‘lift’ the treaty, so that people need an actual passport, not an ID card to get in. I consider this a violation of my civil rights. If i get sent back because of it, i will first announce to them that here by i will temporarily ‘lift the identification law’, i bet they don’t appreciate that, but they wont care either. 

I find it fascinating how fear rules the germans the next few weeks. They have allready raided houses linked to activists in cities like Hamburg. Arresting people and confiscating all kinds of stuff. They reached the opposite effect of their goal, people dind’t react afraid, and didn’t decide not to come to Rostock or Heiligendamm. THousand of people immedialty took to the streets to show their support to the activists and dissaproval of policetactics.

These actions by the police are probably causing a bigger interest and a bigger turn up. This is great because with tens of thousand of people in the action camps, we need coorporation from the citizens of Rostock, and germany in general.

So they are trying to scare us off, and are afraid of us? why? all we want to do is bring ideas to the table that we think are good, that we think will work. If The G8 leaders would decide to pay one of our meetings a visit, should we call in tanks, over a thousand men in armypersonell, and tens of thousand of policepersonell? Should we build a meters high fence around our meetingplaces? If anything can be said about our movement, it is that everybody is welcome, the only thing to discualify one, is to to be disrespectful to others. 

Mmm, Let’s think about this again. Disrespectful… G8 leaders…

No! i consider them welcome, because they could learn so much from us.

I will try to give regular updates from Rostock while i am there. The bus leaves the first of June, in the evening. For now, let’s pray i get into germany…