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Twist and vibe

I have been in a twist all day. I had to choose between two ‘evils’: Do the right thing and let most of the plants in my garden die, or Do the right thing and act irresponsible.

I chose the last and watered both the back and frontyard of my home. I am afraid i wasted way more then one hundred liters of water. In some gardens, countries, neighbourhoods or buiseness that may account for nothing. The brand new golfcourse just outside town uses that in 2 minutes when they put their sprinklers on.

Why should i carry a burden?

I cant help but feeling guilty. Its not hard to step over it, after all i live i a world where we are continously asked and forced to reset our bounderies, but i do feel it.

Waterscarcity is one of the mayor challenges for our fresh century. Right now my own country is feeling it heavily. I wish i could show you pictures of what it looks like when one tractor is plowing a field. All you would see is a dustcloud.

Because a lot of our drinkingwater is pumped up from the ground nothing changes in the availability of fresh water for us.

But fact is that by doing so, we are drying out the ground from underneath. Luckily measueres to prevent his ar more and more being put in place and our forests and wetlands are getting safer by the year. But i think this will eventually cause the chance for waterscarcity for people to increase.

My guilt creates an evil vision; I see a giant tube, with a big wheel on the side of it. People in suits wear serious faces and a few start turning the wheel. Another few stare at a lonely set of trees and yell -‘no! Then the sound of water flowing through the tube anounces ‘new hope for the people’.

The suits follow the water, leaving the trees in the background feeling the life draining out of them.

I feel lucky to be blessed with faith in people. This dark vision is a false one and i know it. I am writing this here today to prove it. I believe that we can overcome the troubles that are knockinig on our door.

‘The lord works in mysterious ways’

Isn’t that a common expression? It just crossed my mind and immediatly after it i thought, its really the people who work in mysterious ways, but i don’t think they realize it.

With every action we cause a reaction. I believe that is a universal law. To a third party, this reaction is receved as action, causing a reaction itsself. You could take out your calculator and start the math, But my guess is that the world is just about booming with reaction. This vibe is turning positive, we can see that all over the world. Faircompanies is a perfect example. This ís the new vibe and it brings móre of the new vibe.

And the vibe continues just the same for the Insight Collective

Yesterday the first customer from outside the network contacted us to organise the climate-infoshop for a chruchrelated group. We are very happy to do so! Especcially the church factor is a nice challenge.

Today we met with our website builder and designer Tengu. Things are looking very good already. The design of the online newspaper is going to be quite a challenge, but everyone is convinced it will be worth the effort and that it will be beautiful! I hope some of the faircompanies people can read dutch, because when its all going to be reality, we would love your feedback.

And finally, as the cherry on the pie, or something like that, today i got the good news that a video that i had my mind set on was ready to be subtitled in Dutch!

A big thanks to Kirsten Dirksen for that!!

I love this vibe!