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Where can I recycle worn-out clothing?

Question from TL of NY, NY:

I have some textiles that I would like to recycle. The clothes are in poor condition, not suitable for donation or re-sale. I live in Manhattan and would love to find a place in the city or the surrounding boroughs that would except them. It’s not a huge amount, about four grocery bags. Are you familiar with any organizations that handle this kind of textile donation for recycling?

Answer from faircompanies:

While the smaller thrift stores don’t usually take worn-out clothing, larger charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army do.

I spoke with Mauricio Hernandez, the Sr VP of Retail Sales for Goodwill NYC and Northern NJ, and he informed me that they will take any used clothing, no matter how worn. Basically, whatever they can’t sell in their stores they will sell to salvage dealers who recycle the fibers for rags or insulation material and the wool for rugmaking. What they can’t recycle they sell overseas.

To find locations in your area go to the websites for Goodwill and Salvation Army. Both have store locators.

There is one more option that is a bit off the beaten track, but might appeal to you if you’re an animal lover. Many animal shelters and kennels will accept used clothing to use as bedding for the animals. Of course, this might take a bit more personal research visiting your local centers, but something to keep in mind.