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Whoop there it is: drought in the Netherlands

The rain is here. Not really lots of it, but if it keeps up, it might
make up for something.

For 45 dropless sunshiny days? I don’t think so.
Nor do the people who should know: In 1976 we had the longest
shortage of rainfall since we started measuring. The line for this
years shortage is well above that.

The climate change prediction that
the rainfall will come in shorter heavier periods has also been proven
today: more then half the rainfall for the month of May had fallen by
evening in some places (not here unfortunately).

During the drought
there have been all kinds of measures in place in the background, to
ensure transport over water which is very important in the Netherlands.
I wish they would talk about this in the news. It would make my job
much easier. These photo’s show the result of all this warmth so early
in the year.

It has to be said that 2006 started with a long winter, but this really
just emphasizes the changes and uncertainties. No one seems to really
give it much thought, we are just wearing our shorts already and
enjoying dinners outside, but this is not normal.

Thinking about this drought I realized that if the climate issue raises
anything, it’s the awareness of our vulnerability and dependence. I
don’t know if we have been collectively trying to ignore it, or that we
just lost touch, but the dependence of humans on their planet was never
as obvious as now (Well, and in all other civilizations before us when
they came to see the end of their resources).

This awareness ‘divides’
us in two groups:

  • People who might connect the dots, and act to make
    changes, so that there is future in this dependence on each other and
    our planet.
  • Other people, who seem to see the dots, grab a pencil,
    leave a rude or ignorant remark and then just walk away.

What makes this difference? I’m sure it has to do with the ability to
see possibilities. And I often get the idea that it has to do with
fear. Fear of what? I‘m don’t know, maybe because I reside with the
people who connect the dots. This fear has to be dealt with, so
that the possibilities can become visible.

This brings the French elections to mind. I didn’t really pay attention I must admit, but I do know that Sarkozy called the young people in the
banlieu’s ‘scum he was going to get rid off.’ And now in his speech he
spoke about authority and such. Also he wants to pass the European
Constitution, without a referendum this time. First of all, I think it
is odd that a man who says to work with and for all the people pushes
something through that more then half those people voted against. Secondly, I don’t understand why the people voted for him. Didn’t they pay
attention? I didn’t, I’m honest about that, but i do have a working

But the point is: This man is aware of problems and he reacts by
drawing a hard line and taking the voice of citizens out of the loop.
It’s kind of like hearing George W Bush speak French. I think this is
reaction out of fear, and I feel it is sad that so many French agree
with this. Ms. Royal appeared to me to be more of a person to seek
dialog and co-operation. I think no matter what your background is,
that is better for everyone. It’s kind of like connecting the dots.

Acting and reacting out of fear is old as humanity itself. Albert
Einstein spoke the wise words, the meaning of which is getting clearer
to me by the day; “You can not solve a problem with the same thinking
that has caused the problem.”

Let’s consider ourselves “new thinkers”. Let’s feel priveleged. Let’s
feel as if we are the ones that can solve the problem.

Ignore people
like a psychiatrist I once met who said, “you can’t carry the world on
your back”. I am not carrying the world on my back, I am contributing my piece.