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A family bike that’s a go: a bicycle built for 3 (plus 1)

If you prefer bikes to cars, having young kids don’t mean you can’t stick to two wheels. When the kids are really small you can use bike seats or even a baakfiets, but once your kids are ready to help pull their weight it’s time to think of other options.

Boise Idaho’s Kristin Smith (also of Ketchum, Idaho) wanted her 3 kids (all under 6 years old) to bike with her so to keep them in line she bikes around town on a triple, or triplet, bicycle. It has three seats, three handlebars and three sets of pedals for her two daughters. And now that her son is 3 years old she has added a “plus one”- a tag along bike- to the back for a truly family bike.

The Smith’s bike was custom-made, but there are commercial dealers of triple bikes (Santana and Co-Motion both sell models for around $6,000).

In this video, Kristin and her kids show us how they ride in a line and talk about singing while biking and how they can go for days without hopping in a car.