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A landfill that only buries 25% of its waste

Sending all of our garbage- from construction to garden waste- to landfills may be a thing of the past. In the UK, landfill space is set to run out within a decade. Even in countries with more land, landfills are problematic due to issues like methane emissions- in Australia more than 15 million tonnes of CO2 is emitted from landfills annually- and the waste of resources that could have been reused.

The Kimbriki Recycling and Waste Disposal Center outside Sydney, Australia, was set to run out of space by 2000, but in the early nineties they changed the way they dealt with garbage and today they only bury 26% of their trash. In this video, we talk to Kimbriki’s operations manager Peter Stephenson about turning green waste to mulch and reusing everything from bricks to old pavement to used toys, windows and sinks.

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