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A Mediterranean kitchen: indoor garden with drip system

To add to the trend to grow vegetables on balconies, windowsills and fire escapes, one Spanish interior designer has created a kitchen plumbed for an indoor garden.

At the Barcelona design show Casa Decor, Sara Folch debuted “Una cocina a la mediterránea”, an indoor/outdoor kitchen complete with a veggie garden and drip irrigation system.

While Folch imagines her kitchen as part of the outdoors- built on a terrace or in a backyard- it’s possible to duplicate the idea indoors. With minimal sunlight, vegetables like spinach, endive, Swiss chard, leaf lettuce and dwarf carrots will produce.

In this video, Folch shows us her Mediterranean kitchen and talks about how it’s simple to create with a bit of foresight: “when we install the refrigerator we can install the drip system”.