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A NYC backyard garden: a lemon tree grows in Brooklyn

Backyard gardens are a booming trend across the U.S. and urban environments are no exception. Brooklyn, New York’s Sarah Dickinson started her veggie patch because she had space, she wanted fresh, organic vegetables and she wanted to watch her food grow.

She isn’t quite sure of everything that is growing out back since she mostly just scattered seeds about, but she does show us the hot pepper she recently harvested, some bean- or pea- plants, as well as the cantalope she’s growing from the seeds of a fruit she ate one day. The latter was motivated by a lecture on “pits and seeds” at the local indoor plant club (she also started a lemon tree from the seed of a fruit she ate).

In this video, Sarah shows us her garden and talks about how she finds it amazing that plants grow from seeds. She also find it “kind of scary that it’s that amazing”. Next up: backyard chickens?

We also have videos with Sarah and her urban worms and a visit to her BBQ with local, heritage, grassfed meat.