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A spaghetti western on lean urbanism (documentary trailer)

It’s undeniable that building codes save lives, but something has changed in the past couple of decades. Now, thanks to the Internet, the average homeowner has unlimited access to building techniques. We’re experimenting more than ever and often out of step with the rulebooks.

I keep hearing about pockets of the country where codes haven’t yet come to town. I decided to route our annual family road trip through this part of the world and since we were in search of frugal living, we too traveled light (a Prius, 2-person tent, and cooler for our family of five).

Here’s a long trailer for the feature-length documentary “A spaghetti western on lean urbanism” (to be premiered on youtube May 2015). It’s a look at developers, builders, and ordinary homeowners who haven’t accepted the status quo and are trying to improve how we live by adapting the rules.

Music by Charles Humenry.

Featuring Paolo Soleri (Arcosanti), Brad “Darby” Kittel (Tiny Texas Houses), Patrick Kennedy (CITYSPACES microapartments, Panoramic Interests), John Wells (Field Lab), Luke Iseman (Boxouse), Tom Duke (Earthships Biotecture).