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A tiny home for a growing family (bed under stairs included)

They’re not part of any official Small House Movement, but they live in a small home and they live well.

When Marta Barceló and her husband Miguel prepped their 47 square meter (505 square foot) apartment for the arrival of her first child, Bruno, they had to create space in their one-bedroom place.

Miguel built a bed beneath the stairs in their entryway and the space became their firstborn’s bedroom.Three years later, when expecting their second child, they had to further transform their place (this time using the terrace) in order to fit their growing family.

In this video, we follow Marta before and after the birth of her second child, Milo. She shows us the bed-beneath-the-stairs which will now become a closet, their inventive storage space and their new living room on the roof. She also talks about how living small means knowing what you really need: something she enjoys discovering.

We also have a video of a 96-square-foot home on wheels.