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Sonoma County tiny homes on wheels’ pioneers: Forge Ahead

Many communities, counties and states in the U.S. have minimum size standards, meaning that there are homes that are just too small to be legal. They range from a not-so-tiny 900-square-feet minimum for New York State to a whopping 2,500-square-foot minimum for Hillsborough, CA.

When Forge Ahead Construction’s Jenine Alexander and Amy Hutto built a 128-square-foot unit in Healdsburg, CA, they put their tiny home on wheels to get around the area’s minimum limit. Since in Sonoma County a trailer can only be legally parked on a property on a temporary basis (if building a new home), Jenine and Amy spent a some time on the move.

In this video, the Forge Ahead duo show us their home-in-progress, the completed trailer and talk about getting “tagged” and why small can make it easier “to just hang out in your space and just be”.