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Accidental vegetarians: the faircompanies family 2 years in

When we first dreamed up the idea for a website focused on the environment, we ate an average American/Spanish diet: chicken/pork/beef/fish with pasta/potatoes/rice, plus vegetables and dairy. Now- 2 years later- meat is nearly gone from our diet.

It happened slowly, but it was inevitable given that meat production is one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation: livestock emit about 1/3 of human-caused methane (a greenhouse gas that traps 23 times more heat/ton than CO2); require more land and about 200 times more water to produce than vegetables; and except when grassfed, require about 10 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef.

In this video, Kirsten Dirksen cooks her special beans and rice and talks about why the faircompanies family, baby included, have become (nearly) environmental vegetarians.

We also have videos on a grassfed beef farm and tasting methane-free kangaroo.