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Adding bodies to your bike

If you’re relying on your bike to get places then it’s very likely at some point you’ll need something that can carry passengers.

When you have a child, or two, it’s time to reconfigure your bike a bit. One of the most convenient methods for carrying a number of passengers- big or small- as well as groceries or luggage, is a cargobike (or a workbike or transport bike), like the Bakfiets. But these are expensive and require a bit of parking space.

Since I have very little space in my apartment stairwell, I can’t upgrade to a cargo bike, but there are alternatives to adding seats to your wheels. In this video, I took baby #1 for a ride to the park and at 8 and a half months pregnant, began to scout options for a bike for three.

We also have a video demo of the Bakfiets, as well as one on cargobikes and other specialty bikes and video cycling blogs on A pregnant bike commute through Barcelona and on transporting furniture by bike.