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Analog virtual reality: Athens flat signals spaces with color

To create space in a 80m2 flat for a growing family, John Karahalios erased conventional distinctions like floor/ceiling/wall and created vertical divisions between rooms using only color. With their 2D monochrome, the bright-blue kitchen and an all-red foyer appear painted into a comic book setting, while the birch-encapsulated dining room seems to float like a wooden boat.

When Lena’s parents gifted the couple half their apartment (her parents still live next door), they sought help from Karahalios to create something modern that would fit them and their two children comfortably.

Using radical hues to divide the open living section into 2D-feeling subspaces, Karahalios continued his “graphic drawing” in the private area: a chalkboard-paint black box unifies the sleeping section of the home, housing the bathroom and closets for both children, while serving as dynamic mural space (Owner Iosif Arampatzis doubled as contractor on the project).