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Aussie overlander’s own travels inspire rugged 4WD campervan

Lance Gillies and his wife were globe-hopping overlanders who couldn’t buy the rugged, go-anywhere four-wheel-drive home they could imagine so they built it instead.

Today, his Bend (Oregon)- based company makes the rapidly-deployable Earthcruiser on a hefty Mitsubishi Fuso platform (complete with a motorized retractable toilet and indoor shower), but a newer pop-top truck camper as well.

* Special thanks to Budapest-Bamako for race footage.

  • As I mentioned in my comment on YouTube, Australians have a very unique camper culture and products best known for their offroad camper trailers.
    They usually feature very clever details and origami-like unfolding of features and spaces.
    Some very clever products:
    Slide-on camper boxes for pickups: trayon.com and travelander.com.au
    Incredible offroad caravans a bit like earthcruiser: http://www.ultimateoffroadcampers.com.au/ they used to make one called Nautilus that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie.
    Similarly sci-fi but quite ingenious the tvan by tracktrailer
    http://www.tracktrailer.com.au/tvan/ this is the outdoor version of a bed in an edgy egg shell in a white Mad Max design. Much cleverer than the run of the mill teardrop trailers.