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Backyard farmers by necessity: self-sufficient and debt-free

When Myrna and Earl Fincher married 53 years ago they started farming their yard “out of necessity”. As Earl remembers: “we were both very young when we got married and I was in between jobs. And we were expecting so there were several strikes against us”.

Today, the Finchers make a living selling their organic produce to restaurants and at the local farmers’ market twice a week for much of the year. They had no experience as farmers, but learned by trial and error.

To supplement their farm income, they also sell the birdhouses that Earl makes to ward off insects on their organic farm.

In this video, we check out some of Earl’s creations, like a warming bed for plant starts and a cork-board for planting seeds (published worldwide, but not patented) and talk to the Finchers about their last half century with Earlybird’s Place and what makes them happy.