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Using a core of light & mirrors to amplify a dark apartment

When designer Mike Davies purchased a small flat in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni neighborhood it was filled with tiny, dark rooms. With the help of Miguel Angel Borràs and Elodie Grammont of Miel Arquitectos, he tore down walls and created a mirrored cube in the center of the flat to act as a kaleidoscope of light.

The kitchen and bathrooms form the center of the cube; their mirrored walls reflect the light, and images from the street trees and neighboring buildings. In the outer ring of the apartment is a bedroom, a living room, and a dining room/guest room with a seal-off curtain and sliding doors to create a private bedroom nook when necessary.

Like most of the work from Miel Arquitectos, there is a sense of play that runs throughout the project.

“Piso Parlament 19 deepens our conviction that surprise is the best tool to rediscover the everyday,” explain the architects on their website, “where a closet (let’s say of Narnia) waits at the end of the room with a whole universe inside.”