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Bauhaus to tiny “haus”: rethinking homes in Modernist Berlin

When it was created in 1919, the Bauhaus aimed to be a “School of Building”, exploring dwellings, life & art: Berlin’s Bauhaus Archive continues in this spirit with events like the Tinyhouse University.

Renowned for his one-square-meter house, German architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel continued his tiny house experimentation by launching a utopian village on the grounds of Berlin’s Bauhaus Archive.

With permission from the design museum to utilize their garden, residents can park, and live in, homes here no bigger than 10 square meters, as long as they provide a bed for “a person in need” (e.g. refugees, homeless).

The “Tinyhouse University” is both a design/build school and a hands-on living experiment including Le-Mentzel’s 100-euro-house, Cafe Basic Income, Leonardo Di Chiara’s transforming Avoid mobile home, Jan Korbes converted silo shelter, “swap body” housing (the Retreat fits the standard freight container, or “swap body”, system) the Holy Foods House (with attached tiny garden and open-source showerloop providing an “infinite shower”).