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Bed, wardrobe & washer stack in Mediterranean tiny apartment

With only 25 square meters (270 square feet) to work with, Yuda Naimi decided to think cubically when redesigning a tiny apartment in Barcelona’s Raval neighborhood. Taking advantage of high ceilings, he created a furniture bed perched high enough to provide: a double bed, two nightstands with electricity outlets, a deep cupboard for hanging clothes, 11 drawers, a washing machine and ample storage space for the flat.

The bed cube can also be partially disassembled to provide accessories to the rest of the space: “Each side of the furniture has multiple purposes: a shelf for drinks or extra bench placed next to the dining table, or the stairs/drawers that lead to the bed which can also be used as seats, becoming part of the adjacent entertaining area.”

Naimi also streamlined the structure of the apartment by removing a false ceiling to reveal a vaulted ceiling (traditional “Catalan vaults”) and a brick wall. On the final wall he discovered hidden space; with this extra 5 centimeters he had enough to create a “function wall” of 5 nooks. The first houses a recessed bookshelf, the second hides the television behind repurposed shutters and the third is a sunken mirror that reflects and enlarges the space.

At the back of the flat, the kitchen appears when needed out of 2 nooks: one is a recessed cabinet that reveals a sink and opposite this is a simple wooden cabinet that hides a refrigerator and stove.